A "ONE STOP MACHINE SHOP" that specializes in roller fabrication, machining and emergency work.

Reverse Engineering

When a product is worn out and in need of replacement, and no prints are available, we have the experience to disassemble the parts and see the way the parts work together.


Key Features

  • Experience disassembling

    We have the experience and equipment to take most products apart.

  • CAD

    After parts are disassembled, we create CAD "computer aided drafting" drawings of the parts. These drawings are then saved for future reference.

    We use Cadkey to create our drawings. We can import/export *.prt, *.dwg, *.dxf and iges files. A E-size plotter means large drawings are not reduced to a point where drawings are illegible. Wherever possible, full size drawings can be used as templates. Plot files can be directly plotted without any problem. Contact us prior to sending any files.

  • Technical knowledge

    When parts are worn out, we can discuss with the customer to find the way the part was in the original condition.