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Roll Listing

This is a sample list of rolls that we have fabricated in the past. Please click on the links below for more details.


These rolls are designed and built to be used inside the furnace. The body material is normally a 300 series centrifugally cast stainless steel. The rolls can operate at elevated temperatures (>800 degrees). They have short faces, but overall lengths could be over 16 feet. The link above is a 39" diameter x 77" face x 206" long furnace roll. We have built furnace rolls from 12" to 60" in diameter and face lengths of 48" to 90".


These rolls are used in almost every industry. They are used in applications where there is a lot of heat that must be dissipated or added to a product. They range in sizes from 4" diameter to over 75" in diameter. Face lengths range from 2 feet to over 30 feet.

In addition to fabricating new chill rolls, we also provide other services like re-shelling and flushing. When a roll is still in good shape, but the body is undersize, doesn't accept chrome... the roll can be re-shelled for a cost less than fabricating a new one. If the body is still in good working shape, but there is fouling inside the roll, a roll can be flushed to improve the fluid flow.


These rolls are typically used in Galvanize lines. The body material is normally a 300 series centrifugally cast stainless steel. The rolls operate at very high temperature (>700 degrees) in a very corrosive environment. The rolls normally have a grooved pattern across the body and are sometimes carbide coated. In addition to fabricating these rolls, we also recondition them. The link above is to a 32" x 84" face sink roll with a grooved body. We have fabricated & machined rolls from 20" to 48" in diameter and lengths from 40" to 102".


Also referred to cable drums, are used on cranes & winches to wrap cable for lifting and pulling. Above is a link to a 46 5/8" diameter x 77" face drum.


This link will take you to a page with a sampling of other types of rolls that we have made.