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Shredder Rotor


Product Summary

This rotor was rebuilt for a company in the Chicago area. The shaft and spacer rings were reused to save time.


Weight of assembly

Over 48,000 lbs.

Size of assembly

  1. Rings 61" diameter and 4" thick
  2. Largest diameter on shaft 16"
  3. Overall length 180"

Scope of work

  1. Remove coupling and bearings from rotor
  2. Disassemble old plates and spacers from rotor
  3. Visually inspect shaft for any cracks in rotor shaft
  4. Reverse engineer and create prints for future use
  5. Hardface all 11 plates
  6. Bore holes in plates
  7. Mill key in plates
  8. Drill all holes using key as reference
  9. Inspect assembly
  10. Assemble and load on truck for customer

Other related jobs

After removing the bearings, there was significant scoring in the housings, so the customer decided to reline the housings.