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Sink Rolls

Sink rolls are an simple but difficult roll to build. They work in a very corrosive environment, i.e. molten zinc, galvalume, galvanneal, lead and aluminum... They will typically see temperatures in excess of 800 degrees Fahrenheit for weeks at a time. Materials used are made to withstand this criteria, so they are also difficult to machine. The above roll is made from a 300 or 400 series stainless steel. The body is a centrifugal cast stainless steel and the end bell/journal is from a static casting.



Typically a stainless steel that could withstand extreme temperatures & high corrosion for extended periods of time.

Body Shape

There is a variety of different shapes put in the body from straight body, crowned and tapered.


A variety of groove patterns and pitches based on customers specifications. Special grooves for carbide coatings.


Most automotive product lines have carbide, but some of these rolls have no coatings on them.


These rolls can operate at high line speeds, but due to the fact they sit in molten liquid, they typically are static balanced.


An uncoated roll may last up to 2 weeks, but with carbide coatings and special bushings they have lasted up to 5 weeks.